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Orla Tinsley is an award winning writer, educator, editor and multimedia artist based in New York. She began writing about injustice around healthcare access at the age of 18 and immediately created a national impact with her writing in The Irish Times and interviews on key current affairs programs. She published her first book of Creative Nonfiction at the age of 24 and it became an instant best-seller.


Orla is deeply passionate about access to education and healthcare and believes in the importance of the development of the voice and the right a person has to use the tools of Creative Writing to communicate their passions, ideas and dreams for the future. Since 2006 Orla has worked as a Creative Arts Facilitator and more recently she began working as a Creative Writing Instructor at Columbia University

For WRITING LESSONS or CREATIVE SOLUTIONS scroll down to the contact page or email:


"I believe in that the power of the individual and collective voice can change our worlds. I want everyone to feel confident in expressing their ideas and dreams through writing and creative expression. All age groups are welcome and affordable rates are available.

Classes previously taught include : Poetry, The Short Story,  Fiction Fundamentals, Introduction to Journalism, Essential Journalism Tools, Creative Writing 101, Pre-college Creative Writing, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Creative Writing Workshop.

Creative Consultancy includes evaluation of the strengths and weakness of the text and the idea. We will work on creating clarity of purpose and clean, crisp accessible copy."

*Private Lessons are available 

*Group classes are available 

*English Junior Certificate grinds and Leaving Certificate grinds available at affordable rates.

Selected Awards Include:

Young Medical Journalist of the Year Tatler Magazine's Woman of the Year 

The Bar of Ireland Award for Human Rights Activism 2018

The American Ireland Funds "Spirit of Ireland Award" 2019

Most recently she was awarded the President's Medal from The PR Association of Ireland for her work on organ donation awareness. In 2020 she graduated with an MFA from Columbia University where in her final year, her creative non-fiction narrative documentary, Warrior was nominated for a New York Film and TV Award. 


New York, New York

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